Space MAIT

Maybe, because history is now and together with you we can change its course. We are building a complete local space ecosystem for manufacturing, integrating, deploying, operating and utilizing satellites and their services in Rwanda for the rest of Africa.

Due to our know-how and experience, we are able to cover the full project cycle. We start from mission definition and analysis followed by the system development during which we perform system engineering, mechanical design, structural and thermal analysis, electrical and software development, subsystems procurement, manufacturing, integration, assembly, testing, qualification and finally provide you with launch.


We are working on Rwandan satellite with hyperspectral camera. Hyperspectral sensing offers a great synergic remote-sensing technique for agriculture, climate change, natural hazards, security or border control. Satellite will offer customized identification of spectral characteristics of a wide list of events/cases and their algorithmized detection from satellites.

Project is led by TRL Space Rwanda with cooperation with local ecosystem, industrial partners, universities, Rwanda Space Agency and other stakeholders. Part of the project is the investment in a new infrastructure for satellites development in Kigali.

YOU ARE INTERESTED IN: “What are you working
on right now?”

You are responsible for assembly, integration of subsystems and satellites and their testing;
You are following the ECSS standards and our company project handbook;
You participate in the selection of the most suitable supplier/partner for production, co-engineering, testing, transportation, etc;
The HW you build meets the quality requirements of the project;
We have all the necessary MGSE or EGSE and you know how to use them properly;
Integration and testing go well, you make sure that we have enough people, necessary equipment and premises;
You are present during any kind of testing;
We have the AIT plan, integration and testing procedures ready on time;
Your outputs are in line with standard 9+;
When needed, you communicate with suppliers and partners;
The manuals for customer are complete, comprehensive and in the 9+ quality;
The customer will receive the product from you packed and prepared in the 9+ standard;
The customer can always reach you, he never lacks an answer to his email, and not even a letter goes unanswered.

YOU WANT TO KNOW:“What would your job
look like?”

Manual skills and a sense of precision;
Good concentration on work and thinking a few steps ahead;
Contribution to writing integration and test procedures;
Maintaining maximum cleanliness of the environment and organised workplace;
Experience with tools such as drills, torque wrenches and more;
Knowledge of working with measuring instruments;
Reading drawings and basic work with 3D models;
Fluent English;
Passion for Space;
Willingness to travel;
Courage to accept responsibility and make decisions;
Working from Kigali´s office.

“What do we
expect from you?

Full time contract and flexible working hours;
Meaningful benefits;
Fairness, transparency, responsibility, freedom and full trust;
Group of people how dare to take risks, are humble, playful, and are not afraid of experiments;
Projects which are beyond belief and customers from Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

“What you can
expect from us?”

Take a deep breath and drop us an email. You can attach your CV, send a link to your LinkedIn or just write a few words about yourself - whatever you like. You will hear from Serge soon, and we will be looking forward to seeing you at a potential interview.

“What should
I do now?”